The paintings express the ideas and emotions with aesthetic qualities. A visual language produces sensations of love, movements, and lights to narrate stories and meaningful themes. Born in 1974, Om Swami is a Mumbai based artist who has studied at the Raheja College. He is renowned for the fluidity and movement of his subjects. His oils and acrylics paint brilliantly despite the fact, there is no movement in the art, but one can feel the vitality inside each painting. The tenor of Om Swami’s works of art adheres to an approach, which highlights the human feelings like love and nature with bold, thick strokes, which evoke the passionate and emotional reaction in the spectators. This love can be devotion towards god or sensuality. Most of his work is around devotion to Lord Krishna, Ganesha, passionate love, and a sense of hope and completeness.   

He is a self-trained artist and a splendid one. He sharped his ability to understand the state of harmony and magic of life with his inner being, which reflects on his canvas. Om Swami uses thick and bold strokes to set forth certain human emotions and traits like sensuality, unconditional affection, and undying pain. The piece titled ‘The resurrection of Buddha’- where Om has indicated two components – Buddha and the Kundalini bloom is breaking from the root chakra and advancing toward the top. The adoration between these two components is dynamic – the blossom still on its way to the top and the Buddha without eyes, hanging tight for the last ascent can be one such example. Another is ‘She’ featured in his compositions, with a certain degree of evolution of thought shows of traditional aspects of the culture.

Om has made Ganesha artworks attractive by including ‘shlokas‘ out of sight, especially for Ganesh Chaturthi.  Other Om Swami artistic creations depict love between Humans. Love and harmony go hand in hand and are standard components that he places in his artistic creations. He draws characters without eyes, who communicate in a language of affection that always reaches the core of the heart. The butterfly and the bloom, the moon, and two lovebirds on a similar edge as the two sweethearts represent the real meaning of love.

Not only love but hope also reaches to the heart while looking at his artworks. His art provides an understanding of the symbiosis of life and nature. ‘The Voyage of the Autumnal Sun,’ highlights the translucent transition between past and future. The way is foggy; however, the past is currently just a memory, the future only an expectation or a fabrication of your creative mind. What lies in the present will fade away with time, making room for the future.  Another piece of this series portrays the warmth with yellow and coolness with a red tone. Whatever one imagines is real for them. Thus, one’s past and presents decide the future. Your deeds from yesterday and right now will influence tomorrow. In this sense, it shows the positive and negative will determine what will be next.  

Nowadays, there is a trend of online marketing of paintings. Eikowa ( is one of the best websites to purchase and sell art and traditional drawings online at affordable rates. Om Swami Paintings are also available on the site. Om is a successful artist, and Om Swami artistic creations are exceptionally in demand. Om, for the most part, paints with acrylics on canvas. The artworks spread the magic of love and positive energy. He is an artist who purses his heart.

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